Mar 27, 2013

Episode 7 - Rock-Cena debate on Raw; Top 10 WrestleMania matches; rounds 16-25 of fantasy draft

In Episode 7 of Podcast of the Immortals, Matt and Jimmy talk about the debate between John Cena and The Rock leading up to their clash at WrestleMania XXIX, CM Punk opening the show and being interrupted by The Undertaker, the top 10 matches in WrestleMania history, and finish the fantasy draft with round 16-25.


Mar 19, 2013

Episode 6 - Top 10 WrestleMania moments, WWE Draft

In Episode 6 of Podcast of the Immortals Matt and Jimmy discuss the March 18 edition of Monday Night Raw, count down the Top 10 moments in WrestleMania history and draft wrestlers 21-30 in their WWE Fantasy draft.


Mar 12, 2013

Episode 5 - CM Punk interrupts Undertaker, loses to Kane

On episode five of Podcast of the Immortals, Jimmy and Matt discuss the March 11 version of Monday Night Raw including CM Punk interrupting The Undertaker's tribute to Paul Bearer. They also reveal their top 10 list for the All Time WrestleMania Performers and draft rounds 6-10 of their WWE Fantasy Drafts. All this and more!


Mar 6, 2013

Episode 4 - Undertaker returns, Paul Bearer passes away

On Episode 4 of Podcast of the Immortals Matt and Jimmy discuss the untimely passing of Paul Bearer, the return of The Undertaker, CM Punk challenging Undertaker at WrestleMania, a possible heel turn for John Cena, count down the top ten WrestleMania's of all time and have the first selections of their WWE fantasy draft.