May 28, 2013

Episode 16 - Shield and Hell No steal the show, most powerful wrestlers of all time

On Episode 16 of Podcast of the Immortals Matt and Jimmy discuss Cena and Ryback's upcoming Three Stages of Hell match, Kaitlyn's questionable wardrobe choices and one heck of a tag team match between The Shield and Team Hell No. Then both Matt and Jimmy give their own personal choices for their top seven most powerful wrestlers in wrestling history. All this and references to watery poop all on Episode 16 of Podcast of the Immortals!


May 22, 2013

Episode 15 - Extreme Rules review, Looking into Triple H’s future

On Episode 15 of Podcast of the Immortals Matt and Jimmy break down the action from a very good Extreme Rules PPV, look into an up and down episode of Monday Night Raw and delve deep into Triple H's current status as a wrestler and what could be on the horizon for the Cerebral Assassin.


May 15, 2013

Episode 14 - Extreme Rules preview, predictions sure to go wrong

On Episode 14 of Podcast of the Immortals Matt and Jimmy discuss the go home Monday Night Raw for the Extreme Rules PPV, give their predictions for Extreme Rules and debut their new fantasy booking segment called "Predictions sure to go wrong." Add in a couple inappropriate comments about AJ Lee and the Bella Twins and you have one heck of a show. All this and more!


May 8, 2013

Episode 13 - Lesnar wrecks WWE HQ, Ryback takes out Cena

On Episode 13 of Podcast of the Immortals Matt and Jimmy discuss Ryback's first Main Event feud with John Cena, Damian Sandow's stirring rendition of Randy Orton's entrance music and of course AJ Lee and the Bella Twins. They also list off some of their favorite foreign objects in WWE history and even through in a Simpsons reference or two (including a spot on Homer Simpson impersonation). All this and tons of funk more on episode 13!


May 1, 2013

Episode 12 - Cena injured, Top 10 extreme wrestlers

On Episode 12 of Podcast of the Immortals Matt and Jimmy discuss NXT returning to the airwaves, John Cena's injury and how it could effect the Extreme Rules PPV and list their Top 10 extreme wrestlers. They also creepily talk about the outfits of the Bella Twins and AJ Lee. Then Jimmy tells us the story of how he almost became a WWE employee. All this and much, much more!