Mar 28, 2014

Episode 70 - Jimmy chats with Video Game Journalist Dan Ryckert about WWE games

On Episode 70 of "Podcast of the Immortals," Jimmy sits down with video game journalist Dan Ryckert to talk about wrestling, video games and wrestling video games. Ryckert will hit the road soon for his first WrestleMania.


Mar 20, 2014

Episode 69 - Jimmy talks independent wrestling and WWE Network with pro wrestler Renny D

On Episode 69 of "Podcast of the Immortals," Jimmy sits down with Renny D, a professional wrestler living in Minnesota and a lifelong fan of the business. They talk about independent wrestling, his tryout with WWE, its new network and how awesome apartments can be.


Mar 19, 2014

Episode 68 - Triple H dominates Daniel Bryan; CM Punk on Talking Dead

On Episode 68 of "Podcast of the Immortals," Matt and Jimmy talk way too long about WWE 2K14, break down the important angles heading into WrestleMania XXX and analyze CM Punk's appearance on the Talking Dead. They also have news regarding the Undertaker, Sting and give a review of the season 2 premier of Total Divas. All this and more on Episode 68 of "Podcast of the Immortals"!


Mar 12, 2014

Episode 67 - Bryan Occupies Raw; Cena Hulks up; Undertaker confronts Heyman

On Episode 67 of "Podcast of the Immortals", Matt, Jimmy and Andy discuss the huge news surrounding Daniel Bryan's WrestleMania plans, John Cena's impending match versus Bray Wyatt and the Undertaker and Paul Heyman confrontation. They also look at the potential WrestleMania XXX card following Raw and our early predictions for what could happen in New Orleans. All this and much more on Episode 67 of "Podcast of the Immortals".


Mar 5, 2014

Episode 66 - Hijack Raw; CM Punk no-show; Bryan burried by Authority

On Episode 66 of "Podcast of the Immortals", Matt, Jimmy and Andy talk about TMZ reporting that Buff Bagwell is now a male gigolo, how the #YESmovement aligned with #HiJackRaw in Chicago and how Daniel Bryan was once again taken out by the Authority. There is also the weekly CM Punk update and Paul Heyman gives an interesting promo regarding the "Voice of the Voiceless". All this and much more on this week's "Podcast of the Immortals"!