Jul 26, 2017

Episode 237 - WWE Battleground fails to impress; How to convince your friends wrestling is awesome

On Episode 237 of "Podcast of the Immortals," Matt and Jimmy question the booking of WWE Battleground, gush over Samoa Joe, and react to the news that Brock Lesnar may be leaving WWE and heading back to UFC to fight Jon Jones. Plus they give their five matches to show a friend to make them a fan of WWE. All this plus you get Matt's story of the birth of his son! Check out this loaded Episode 237 of "Podcast of the Immortals!"


Jul 17, 2017

Episode 236: Time to play the (video) game

Matt, celebrating the birth of his son, gives the hot tag to "Skullbuster Wrestlecast" host Tom Skull, who goes 1-on-1 with Jimmy to discuss WWE and reveal their lists of top 10 wrestling video games of all time.


Jul 2, 2017

Episode 235 - Best entrance music ever; Samoa Joe makes Lesnar’s head turn purple

On Episode 235 of "Podcast of the Immortals," Matt and Jimmy give their thoughts on the best current entrance music, best all-time entrance music, and best entrance music sung by the actual wrestler. Trust us, this is a lot of fun. They also break down Brock Lesnar and Samoa Joe's interaction on Monday Night Raw, Carmella retaining her Money in the Bank briefcase on Smackdown, and Big Cass' options following his split with Enzo. All this and much more on Episode 235 of "Podcast of the Immortals!"